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A female parent who turns up to collect their offspring, or to school functions, wearing clothing and/or make up more sutible to work a shift in a brothel/as a streetwalker, than being round children.
It is to be presumed the intention of this is to atract attention, either from male partents, or teenage boys, to try and make themselves appear more attractive than the other females present. Often looking citoreinextremis.
Hallmarks of the school gate hooker are: high heeled thigh boots; micro mini skirts (esp if in P.V.C or leather); long, non child friendly finger nails, painted in 'hooker red'; unsuitable jewellry/accesories; over exposed clevage/breasts; trashy make up; smoking in inapropriate places.

Often school gate hookers behave in an overly flirty manner, sometimes inaproptiatly with adolecent boys, and are later heard bragging about how how the recipitant was 'all over them'; 'couldnt take their eyes off them'; 'will be masturbating later, with them in mind'
She was hated by the other mothers, avoided by all but the sadest single fathers and embaressed her own offspring, but the school gate hooker still spent as long getting dressed up to do the school run as she would for, yet another, diasterous date.

She make an quite an impession at the school xmas play, in fact quite a few of the other parents asked the school gate hooker if she had just come from/was going straight to work after the performance, and she never once realised they were making fun of her, being more concerned with the attention she was recieving.

Despite spending 45 minutes in preperation for her entrance, and blantently waving her latest model mobile phone about, the school gate hooker had no friends, was habitually single and was laughed at by the teenage boys she was so desperatly trying to impress.
#attention whore #needy #milf #gilf #skank #mutton dressed as lamb #saddo #slut #prick teaser #fugly #ohio lullabies #deluded #self delusion #fool school
by snaketattoo13 January 28, 2011
The act or acts of posting your supposd intention to delete your ID from an online community, for the purpose of attention seeking or sympathy.

Deletabation is often practiced by saddos when they feel left out of the community, but have nothing of any real value to add to conversations etc.
Regular practicers of deletabation are known as deletabators.
The site became so polluted with deletabation that it was hardly worth visiting any more.

It was yet another example their of deletabation, when for the third time in as many weeks he/she posted their intention to leave, and sat back waiting for the messages of support and pleas not to go.

It never ceases to amaze me how gullible fools fall for his/her blatent deletabation yet again.
#saddo #deletabators #lonley #attention seekers #sympathy whores
by snaketattoo13 January 27, 2011
An imagined place of education, where fools learn to hone their foolishness, interact with other fools, pick up imaginarry 'fool facts', and generally become the people they are.
" I don't care what they told ya in fool School, if you think you're gonna hang out the front of my place selling baggies, your gonna end up in the gutter in a world of pain"

"where did you learn that?... fool school?"

"Walking into that bar was like walking into the annual fool school re-union party"

"obviously you graduated fool school with honours"
#clown college #gnome school #ignorance acadamy #dumbass #fool
by snaketattoo13 January 27, 2011
adj, tending not to arouse desire or excitement, despite that being the intended effect. negative of erotic

pronounced, sit-or
even though he spnt a full five minutes setting the mood, his photos still turned out citore, and atracted little posative attention on the dating site.
#sexually naff #failederotic #citorest #citorinextremis #habituallycitore
by snaketattoo13 January 25, 2011
A person who seems to thrive on getting blocked in social networking sites, by posting upsetting comments, remarks and opinions on others posts or pictures. The blockaholic will then post more comments either bemoaning their blocking, and claiming the blocker has no sense of humour, is overly sensitive or try and turn it about so they are portrayed as a victim; or, try to claim some kind of kudos for getting blocked so much, maybe claiming others are scared of him/her or in other ways inferior.
The blockaholic claimed that he/she had been blocked by that person as a result of him/her turning them down for a cam chat, rather than for 2 weeks worth of obnoxious cooments on their posts, and several warnings, seen by the rest of the community in question.

It became apparant that he/she was a blockaholic when, for the umpteenth time, he selected a potential deletabator and stalked their posts and pictures with nasty, insulting comments while claiming the poster in question had no sense of humour, and was too sensitive for the community in question.
#troll #asshole #attention seeker #attention whore #saddo #cyberbully #canadian freedom fighter
by snaketattoo13 January 28, 2011
One who reguarly threatens to delete their ID from an online community, to gain attention or sympathy, or does delete, only to reapear and bemoan the previous deletion.

One who practices deletabation.
The real saddos gathered to suport the deletabator as he/she threatened, for the third time in as many weeks, to delete.

The deletabator used the flimsiest of pretexts to attract sympathy, by threatening to delete, it could be said he/she was well practiced in the art of deletabation.

After reapearing as yet another ID, the deletabator wasted no oppertunity to bring up the supposed reasons for previous deletions, and wrung every ounce of sympathy from the sycophantic fools who chose to give him/her the time of day.
#deleter #attention seeker #attention whore #sympathy whore #saddo
by snaketattoo13 January 27, 2011
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