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The Car that my friend Terry Drives around seattle. Also the make and model that my friend Greg used to run over and kill a penguin in Priest Lake, Idaho when he was in college, effectively totalling it. Penguins are tough.
No, I'm not a Celebrity, But I drive a Chevy Celebrity.

can I have your autograph anyway?
by smokeybacon January 21, 2004
1. A Hot Tub whose contents reveal no females, only males.
2. Any small body of water containing G.Rivers, B.Ross, C. Cowgill, S. Moore, M. Mires, or T. Donovan in any order.
3. A joyful celebration
" Hey whats for dinner tonight?"

-"shut up and get in the hot tub you fag, we're having Homo Stew ."
by SmokeyBacon January 13, 2004
The Greek God of porn. circa 1500 BC. Although some mythology dates his existance back even further to around 2000 BC. Archaeology only knows fragments of his life and times. First man to have anal sex with midget and horse at the same time.
Hey, I got an acting gig as the pool boy on the upcoming Kelly the Coed IX Movie!

Ahhh, Jizzmopacles has blessed you.
by smokeybacon January 21, 2004
1. Distant sea-faring cousin to the dreaded brown trout.
2.To take a shit on someone's back as they are sunbathing on the beach.
3. Also the name given to a turd that is floating in a hottub after a night of heavy whiskey drinking.
"Mommy, Daddy passed out in the hot tub again , can I play dolly with his bronze dolphin while he sleeps?"

"where's your bronze dolphin honey?"

"oh, i Left him on grandmas back today at the beach and he melted in the sun."

"We'll, I guess you can play with your father's, but not till after you eat your hotdogs and chilli!"

by smokeybacon January 21, 2004

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