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Coed is short for coeducational. This means, both men and women can play on the same team.
Coeducation is the integrated education of men and women at the same school facilities; co-ed is a shortened adjectival form of co-educational.

"Coed" is an informal (and increasingly archaic) term for a female student attending such a college or university. Before the 1960's, most institutions of higher education restricted their enrollment to a single sex.
Some coeducational sports are:
Indoor Soccer, Volleyball, Floor Hockey, Street Hockey, Broomball, Flag Football, Trench, Ultimate Frisbee, Badminton and Doubles Tennis (Teams may consist of two players of the same sex, or one of each sex).
by Braulio Pereira Filho January 17, 2006
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A place or situation that is open to both male and female sexes.
Co-ed dormatory, co-ed lockerroom, co-ed swimming pool, etc...
by Bomni February 10, 2005
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A member of the female college demographic,known best for:
1. Showing off her tits in exchanged for cheap plastic beads while in New Orleans.
2. Going to parties with the intent of getting drunk, and then asking guys to count the hairs on her landing strip.
3. Having a sexual appetite that rivals their inability to hold their liquor.
4. Coming to college a sober virgin, leaving it a drunken slut
man, that college co-ed couldnt keep her hands off me. I bet she could suck the chrome off a cadillac bumper!!!
by Me February 26, 2003
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Coeds are girls attending university.
They're often hot and horny while drunk that's why you can find so many videos of them on the web (mainly on Spring break).
That party was so fun. There were drunk coeds everywhere; one passed out, the only way to get her up was to put my cock in her ass!
by billbaroud69 April 06, 2011
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The slutty, young babes most likely to appear on any "Girls Gone Wild" porn video.
Mmmmmmmmmm. Co-ed girls are hot.
by urban pervert February 26, 2003
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