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42 definitions by smokey

To snort something, like a drug.
"I braffed a fat line of v the other day."

"Let's go braff some fuckin cain."
by Smokey September 10, 2004
7 10
the act of eating pussy
i jobed that hoe
"probe it before you jobe it" a phrase meaning finger the girl and smell if to make sure she doesnt smell bad because if she does u dont wanna jobe it
by smokey January 09, 2004
9 16
Dork was orignally (old 20th century slang term) meant as a reference to a penis. It has since come to mean a nerd.
Rats! I got my dork caught in my zipper!

He's such a dork! His glasses are held together with duct tape!
by Smokey March 03, 2005
14 23
A self centered jackass that enjoys getting pee'd on.
"Boy that Flaming Arrow sure is a self centered jackass that enjoys getting pee'd on!"
by Smokey October 28, 2003
8 19
a loogey or anything gooey that resembles a loogey
Alright damn it,who hocked a spoogey on my windshield?
by smokey December 08, 2003
2 15
Screw the guy in the sky, he can go to hell.Heaven is a state of mind for people are afraid to die. Old people always have a religion because it makes them not afraid of whats to come. Its been taken too seriously.
God if you can here me then please kill me........punk!
by smokey July 21, 2003
30 43
wut ice cube calls himself
ice cube:ey chop
ice cube:theese hataz tried 2 blow me up man
chop:whos this?
ice cube:the don meca nigga who u think?
ey homie my whole life flashed be4 my eyes

token from the beginin of the song ghetto vet
by smokey August 26, 2005
4 18