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Literally, a half of a party.

Consists of a small gathering of people, usually close friends of the host, getting together to have a good time.

Not as intense as a full on party, but a party nonetheless.
Tyler had a semi party together down at his house last weekend. About seven people enjoyed the pool, some video games, and all around douchebaggery.
by Smitty Joe June 10, 2006
A little known game played around the high school football stadiums. The purpose of the event is to get as much boobs, ass, pussy, tongue, or really anything sexual as possible.

Scores are tallied at the end and extra points are given to team players and sly maneuvers.

One can automatically win by getting laid at any time during the season, while on the stands surrounded by their friends.
Varsity game tomorrow. Let's play us some Pick up Chicks! Bring a blanket, this could get dirty.
by Smitty Joe August 11, 2006
A relatively small island where jerks are frequently sent to.
Yo homie! You be gettin deep sixed soz yall best be takin a trip to JERKMACA!
by Smitty Joe May 16, 2005
Anything equal to 300
I had to shell out a spartan's dozen on my new watch.

Tim lost a whole spartan's dozen cool points after his most recent faggotry.
by Smitty Joe January 17, 2008
Those stupid little fuckers on Urban Dictionary that find it necessary to put thumbs down on any good definition.
Downers need to go clean off their dirty ass socks
by Smitty Joe May 26, 2005
A code that will fuck shit up on myspace. Basically if not ended with </textarea> it will put all coding from the rest of the frame into a little text box, and make all coding afterwords of it in raw form, so nobody can see it!

To do so, enter the coding into a comment, section, or anywhere where text can be submitted. Once you hit the submit button, copy all the coding from inside the text box, using 'select all'. Paste the copied coding into a bulletin and submit the bulletin. Everything will look screwy and just scroll down and you'll see the button that's supposed to be where you were supposed to post it! Click that and BAM!
Use <textarea> to:
1) Erase all previous comments
2) Erase sections of your myspace
3) Temporarily lock any forum
4) Show raw coding
by Smitty Joe March 05, 2006

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