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The best comedian who ever lived. He sadly died at a young age due to a continuous heart problem. Give respect people, and quote whenever necessary.
If carrots got you drunk, rabbits would be fucked up!
by Smitty Joe May 25, 2005
That cool little hat that the Jews wear; stated in Mac Hall
Can i have one of your Jew Beanie's?!?!?!

by Smitty Joe May 25, 2005
Buried; put six feet under the ground; coffinized.
Peeps be gettin deep sixed round here!
by Smitty Joe May 16, 2005
1. Something lights other things using artificial light.
2. Something you love.
3. A person that is "Just friends" (def. taken from the movie just friends.
1. Turn on the lamp, it's too dark!
2. I love lamp.
3. When in the 'friend zone', the person who you are just friends with loves you like a brother.... or a lamp....
by Smitty Joe December 07, 2005
Fuck you; the finger; face with fingers

Can be used with multiple faces.
n00b:dude teach me youre leet skills!

me: `,!,(-.-),!,
by Smitty Joe May 17, 2005
In any home with white towels, there's always one with an unexplained streak of shit on it. Nobody admits to it, and nobody uses it, though it somehow makes it's way through the wash regularly until someone finally throws it away.
As I came out of the shower and grabbed my towel, I soon noticed I had made a grave error, for I had grabbed The Infamous Shit Towel.
by Smitty Joe August 10, 2006
Something so fucking huge the only way to describe it is through combining 2 different words
Did you see that guys dick?

by Smitty Joe March 07, 2006
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