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the rockenest band in little barnet. oh how they rock. we love minus iq of minusiq.com
"aww man, i saw minus iq last night, they were amazing. that jake is so darned sexeee, i wish he would poke me with his spatula..."
by smelleh May 08, 2005
NAME: short for 'nicole blowhole'. derived from dolphins also comes from geographical term.

can be shortened to: blow, blowy, blowy pants
"blowy i knew you should have got sea-monkeys"
by smelleh May 07, 2005
a fusion of blowhole and smellie
daly:hey smellie, blowy..... smellie.... blowy..!!! SMELLHOLE!!
smell+hole: yeah?
by smelleh May 08, 2005

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