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golly gee
oh my god
1)OOER, did u see my new purse?
2)did u see my new purse, its an ooer!
by smarter November 14, 2003
the word that can mean anything, be used as any part of speech, etc.
1) sasafrass (as a curse word)
2) you sasafrass!
3) this is completely sasafrass right n'ere
by smarter October 28, 2003
the annoying people that plauge our universe
~Ana McGee
~Mary Money
~Emma Welldon
~Kelly (whatever)
~Ally Ho-ward
~Cathy Horne
~Natilie PLumer
~Soinia Kick-airie
~Hannah Sonwden
the squad makes me twitch, especially Mary and Emma. Won't they ever learn!?
by smarter October 30, 2003
Processor company that, currently, is not the best for games, but is best for all around pc usuage. It does not even lag that much behind AMD (strictly gaming cpus) in most games. Retarded AMD fanboys that have no life and just play games all day suffer from windows crashing b/c their stupid Athlon64 wasnt built to multitask. Try playin mp3s, surfin web, and downloading at same time on an athlon64 and you will guarantee crash. Intel on the other hand, is a real cpu, built for everything. Gaming nerds back AMD b/c they are the underdogs to Intel, and also these AMD boys are poor college kids that dont know shit.
I love my Athlon64. But i dare not play some 50 cent and check my email at the same time.

Intel Person: Yo, lemme send u the new map on aim...just alt+tab out of the game..
AMD Person: ok..one sec...
(45 minutes later)
Intel Person: Where the f*ck did u go dude?
AMD Person: I had to reformat.
by Smarter May 02, 2005
The Band is not to be confused is A Band.

1) The Band is the one at school (the lamer of the two uses)
2)A Band is the kind that you and your friends would play in
1) Yes, i play the trumpit in the school band.

2) Guns n' Roses is a good band.
by smarter November 07, 2003
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