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In Australia, it is a derogatory word denoting a person who saps all the fun out of any given situation. Derived from the temperance movement in Australia and New Zealand at the turn of the C20th, when it was hurled as an accusation towards conservative teetotallers who were too prim and proper to relax and socialise, it has become a more generic term that can be assigned to any straight bore lacking a sense of humour, especially petty bureaucrats and Aussies politicians.
Cool chick: Coming to the party?
Nerd: No, I have to write an essay for uni.
Cool chick: C'mon, ya wowser! Forget the essay and let's party, mate.
Nerd, slowly de-nerdifying: Y'know, you're right. Let me at that party. Verily.
#australia #derogatory #politicians #bore #teetotal
by Plip-Plop July 18, 2008
Excited. Realizing how you feel. Inspector Gadget catch phrase.
wowsers, i am hungry
by Jason August 20, 2003
A word used when somebody is suprised in a positive way, it is known from inspecter gadget.
WOWSERS, i can't believe this is happening to me, this is the most beautifull laptop I've ever seen.
#wowsers #inspecter gadget #suprised #positive #cool #happy
by Punica March 02, 2009
a term used to describe a teetoller who wants to ban alcohol consumtion, The term originated in the early 1900s by hotel owners and patrons to describe members of the Womans Christian League in both Australia and New Zealand who campaigned for temperance and prohibition but narrowly failed in nurturing the latter in both countries.
Womans Christian League member: alcohol is evil we want it banned
Hotel Patron: just cos you woman arent allowed to drink in a hotel you cant ban it, you stupid bunch of wowsers
by Brother Number One May 05, 2004
Wow! Ahh! Whoa! Scary!
As Sabrannah walked she slipped on a ice cube and yelled,"Wowsers!"
#wow! #whoa! #ahhh! #catchphrase #scary!
by Savannah V. August 25, 2007
Name for someone that does not what to get in trouble. OR they do not want to do anything harmful or dangerous so they stay away from it. Someone who does not do anything fun. Sometimes; A goody two shoes.
Johnny: Hey, were gonna go egg Alex's house, you wanna come.
Max: No, what if someone sees us.
Johnny: Your such a wowser.
#unfun #normal #calm #wowser #non crazy
by Ima_Beast August 07, 2009
A wowser is a very hair elephant with a tiny dick
Ugh wowsers this is lame
#wowsers #wowie #penis #n00b #penisis #wowsie
by PenisLord February 08, 2014
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