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Garage Man's Companion

Gotta Mechanic Coming
Dude 1: "Whoa, what's with the junker GMC?" Dude 2: "It's my skanky ex wife's stupid useless vehicle. All she ever does is yap about her garage man's companion." Dude 1: "That sucks, man. I thought GMC meant Gotta Mechanic Coming."Dude 2: "That's what my slutbag ex wife said in our bedroom fucking that pindick mechanic!"
by sliptrip December 14, 2011
To have the erect penis all the way into a vagina, anus, or mouth.
My wife is so hot! I was able to take my throbber and bury it deep in all three of her holes!!
by sliptrip March 03, 2011
From military lexicon that combines the words "outstanding" and "fuck" together to mean just the opposite of the word "outstanding" Usually describes a person(s) or situation(s) that are totally and completely fucked up beyond all recgonition. Also used in texting shorthand.
Trooper 1: "Lt. BooBoo just got his whole squad captured during the exercise, but he escaped". Trooper 2: "(OTFS) Out the fuck standing"! Trooper 1: "What a joke, let's go smoke a bowl". Trooper 2: "Cool".
by sliptrip August 19, 2011
A negative description of a female, either because of her looks or her sleazy way with guys (and girls). Connotation of some disease ridden female that having sex with would cause a guy's dick to fall off.
I wasn't going to bang your sister after Keith banged her, she is such a skankella.
by sliptrip March 03, 2011
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