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Pronounced "see-lai".

A middle to upper age woman of usually Chinese descent, who has several/all of the following distinctions from regular people:

1. Doesn't have a job, or works in some menial position like housekeeping. Husband brings home the dough.
2. Drives a BMW 7-series, X5, or Mercedes-Benz SL, GL, or ML.
3. Drives 40 km/h down the road, even when everyone is going 60-70.
4. Wears full-length (extending up to elbow) driving gloves on both hands and a welding mask for the face, and for fear of getting skin spots.
5. Puts the driver's seat in the farthest position forward, with the seatback vertical, and still doesn't use the seatback. (ie leans forward, so face is inches from the steering wheel)
6. Hits other cars when parking, and is completely oblivious that she just ran over the hood of the lowered Civic next to her parking spot. Also parks on the lines so that neighbouring drivers cannot even get into their cars.
7. Only goes between the supermarket, home, and the homes of other C-lais to play mah jong.
8. Never smiles, as that creates wrinkles.
I freaked out after seeing the C-lai in the SUV next to me and rear-ended the car in front.

That C-lai dinged my car! wtf
by Slammer111 December 03, 2007
A popular drink with Korean youth. Basically a glass of beer (maekju in Korean) with a shot of Soju (Korea's most famous product besides RAM chips) added for good luck, hence the name.

The best part of this drink is that it doesn't taste any different from regular beer, but messes you up 3 times faster.

A variation of somaek is poktanju, which is a shot glass of soju dropped into the glass of beer and chugged, similar to a Jagerbomb.
That hot Korean chick opened her legs after a few glasses of somaek.

Nicholas Cage used the ace up his sleeve known as "somaek" to get with his current wife.
by Slammer111 March 19, 2011
The reverse of buck teeth. Instead of having jagged teeth pointing outwards the mouth, a person with China Mouth looks like they got a crowbar to the face.

A prevalent problem in mainland China, where many there can't seem to afford dental care. One of the (many) diseases of the people, such as herpes.
That chick at the skating rink looked hot until she opened her mouth. Not only did she have China mouth, but a tooth was missing too!

The Shanghainese girl had a nice face and body, but a horrible case of China Mouth.

Man, that chick is fugly. Not only is she fat, but she's suffering from China Mouth!
by Slammer111 November 06, 2009
The sound of a train. And by train I'm not talking about the kind that runs on steel rails.
Heather: I'm dating 4 black guys at the same time.
Ed: Gingong gingong..

Sam: I'm staying in with my Japanese girlfriend Sakura tonight.
Leslie: Ginggong gingong..

Cheryl: Don't make all those Surrey girl jokes, I'm from Surrey you know.
Tim: That's explains a lot.
Ted: Gingong gingong..
by Slammer111 July 09, 2009
Also known as SDE for short.

A person (usually a guy) who either a) has no friends, or b) shields his friends from others all the time. If you meet one of these people, you won't be making any "friends of friends" through them anytime soon, no matter how hard you try or how many years pass. If the SDE is dating someone steadily, you won't even know her name until after they break up.

A SDE will especially shield contacts of the opposite sex, even if they have no chance with them, for fear their friends will "steal their girl/guy". If they're in a steady relationship, they still shield because a) they're still afraid someone (including you) will try to steal her/him away, or b) the SO is nothing to be proud of (ie a fugly ditch pig or pork chop). When a SDE brings out a contact of the opposite sex, it's almost always an ex, or someone he/she tried and failed to get with. Meanwhile, the SDE will have no problem asking you to introduce more girls/guys to him/her regularly. If you do it's a one-way street.

If you are stuck in a social circle full of SDEs, you must find some non-SDEs on your own, as your friends sure as hell won't be helping in this department.

Engineers and Computer Programmers come to mind.
Ted left all those SDE engineers after grad, and last time he checked they were all still hanging out and dating in the same incestuous pool called "ultimate".

After knowing Vic for 4 years, Sam only knew of some girls he tried to get with, but not by name. At that point Sam realized he'd wasted 4 years of his life hanging with a social dead end.
by Slammer111 August 27, 2009
A racial slang, used by Hong Kong people or Hongers used to describe a bitch (girl or woman). A literal translation of the Cantonese term "bak poh".
My poetry teacher is such an 8th grandma.
by Slammer111 April 09, 2006
A place/girl where many trains pass through.
California girl A: I had 10 boyfriends last month.
California girl B: Oh yeah? I had 12 boyfriends last month!
Ted: *looks at them* Both of you are train stations. Gross!
by Slammer111 July 09, 2009

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