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Loading fresh greens (unburnt marijuana) on top of a semi-burnt bowl of weed.
Stoner 1: "Oh yea! Theres a partially bowl in this pipe."

Stoner 2: "Here, throw this little bit of weed ontop".
Stoner 1: "I'm going to call this 'icing the cake' for now on." Stoner 2: "You should put that on urban dictionary!!"
by skunkybud November 10, 2009
An Instagram page dedicated to you posting pictures of all the dank you smoke.
P1 Have you seen Coles weedstagram

P2 no

P1 yeah he's never not baked
by Skunkybud February 03, 2014
A broken apart small bud of marijuana. Derives from the root word Nug.
"I broke apart that nug you gave me into 3 lil nuglets."
by skunkybud October 12, 2013

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