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4 definitions by skrow

A relationship which survives for the most part on sex, hence there is very little relation, mostly penetration.
Matt can't come to the movies tonight, he's too committed to his penetrationship.
by Skrow January 21, 2009
28 0
The ability to "read" a woman, it is an essential skill for any man to possess in a relationship. A cliterate man is one who has an "in depth" understanding of the cliterary arts.
In a standard university, chemistry students tend to have lowest cliteracy rate.
by Skrow January 21, 2009
35 9
The ungodly obsession with the almighty dollar. Taken from the root word monotheism or monotheistic with the part mono (meaning one) removed to denote that when your talking about money, one is never enough.
Benjamin has converted to moneytheism because his spiritual wealth failed to produce interest.
by Skrow January 21, 2009
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1. A word used to describe a relationship where there is little or no "relation", mostly penetration.
2. See fuck buddies
"I'm sick of all this touchy feely crap, relationships are too demanding, I want a penetrationship!"
by skrow November 19, 2008
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