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A joint venture between ford and mazda to bring toy one of the best handaling, rice killing, cheap sports cars ever!
Thats a good looking, fast Ford Probe GT!
by Skipster May 13, 2003
Probably originated in the late 1800's in American baseball parks. Refers to a fast-moving fowl ball that skids along the outfield grass, ripping through and "cutting" the daisies.
O'Rourke slammed a daisy cutter and he's already got a strike!
by skipster February 03, 2005
A gay man who is not a bear, cub, or otter (slim, hairy gay man), but is sexually or romantically attracted to them.
Mike is such a chaser - he spent hours today on craigslist, trolling for some papa bears in the men-seeking-men section.
by Skipster July 24, 2006
Your Screewd!
Is that a cop behind us? "whoop whoop" oh shit.
by Skipster March 14, 2004

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