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17 definitions by skeeter

a phrase commonly used by those who prefer the same sex
Do me in the butthole bizotchisisms
by skeeter March 22, 2004
In Colorado, any tourist from Texas.
I was at the bar this afternoon and a bunch of knobshines walked in wearing full camo outfits.
by skeeter February 27, 2005
Idiot, loser, dork, ignoramus, non-thinking person
That butthuff actually submitted that definition to Urban dictionary.com?
by Skeeter August 26, 2003
"We was jus' chillin' 'n shit. 'N you know, buttah buttah buttah."
by skeeter January 31, 2003
When a guy skeets in a girl's knee crevice.
Oh no P-Lar, I just tinmanned your prom date!
by Skeeter May 16, 2004
to ejaculate into a person, dog, or object opening in themself and feel great pleasure and pain at the same time. also to cum into a grls mouth named samie who left u with crabs and genetal warts and then killed herself the next day.
i want to skeet on samie but shes already dead....too bad
by skeeter July 15, 2004

1. impudent: showing a lack of respect

2. spicy:

3. sexually explicit: intended to be amusingly vulgar, especially in sexual innuendo

by Skeeter August 12, 2003