30 definitions by sj0r

The clothes a person (usually a gay man) wears that implies he/she is of the opposite sex.
They'd better hurry up and find a cure for AIDS, I'm running out of drag.
by sj0r December 10, 2003
it doesn't matter
it doesn't matter
by sj0r April 27, 2003
1) An ugly female that looks like a man.
I was just speaking to the queen of England. Damn that shim was bitchy!
by sj0r April 27, 2003
A skinny person who is good with flame-wars.
Oh my god, what a stike!
by sj0r April 27, 2003
one who tosses very often.
STFU, fucking tosspot!
by sj0r April 27, 2003
A penis that is very skinny. May be long or short. It is the opposite of a chode.
After swimming I always have a pinner
by sj0r April 27, 2003
A disagreeing way to say yes.
A: How about no
B: How about nine
by sj0r April 27, 2003

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