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someone who is always seen with other people, with the simple concept of making that other person look good.
Steiner is sooo StoneCold's jobber.
by sj0r April 27, 2003
A meaningless word that is randomly yelled at any time to show
a) agression
b) short-term celebration
I killed 20 people with one shot on some first-person-sooting game. I jumped out of my seat and yelled "j0r!!"
by sj0r April 27, 2003
Someone who was told to get the fuck away from their 'friends' (or so they thought), and go and suddenly try to hang with other people who they think will accept them. This means that they considered this other group people to 'fall back on' if stuff fails with their not-friends. Huge insult if a reject comes crawling to you. Normally rejects get really depressed'-n-stuff' after being rejected twice.
That reject keeps following us around everywhere! Someone tell that wanabe to piss off!
by sj0r April 30, 2003
1) Insult used for people who seem to think that they are hard, whereas in reality they are 11 year olds who want to 'make sex' with Nikki Webster
2) sj0r's sex-objects
1) fkn kiddies always hanging off my trying to get me to tell them how much of a fwiend of theirs I am...
2) Oh mmman! Oh mmmmmmaaan!!! Oh My God!! Oh! Ohh! OOOOHHHHHH!!!!
by sj0r June 13, 2003
a suffix added to random words, normally used when someone is trying to indicate to you that they are experienced-n-stuff. Can be replaced by "or something of that sort.". Small indication of not-'care'ingness.
I was hit by a car-n-stuff. It was going at like 100mph-n-stuff.
by sj0r April 30, 2003
What is said by people who are too goody-goody to say "fuck"
A: I am soo effcking tired
(See STFU)
by sj0r April 28, 2003
the awesome way to say the word are, or am.
Yuo ams teh winnar!!
by sj0r April 27, 2003

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