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In the Opera World, terminology referring to breasts which neatly fit into a corset, therefore looking good on the Opera Stage i.e. they'd be grand in a Mozart opera, such as The Marriage of Figaro.
Backstage hand 1: Phwoar!
Backstage hand 2: Yeah!
Backstage hand 1: Yeah, I'd do that!
Backstage hand 2: Anytime!
Backstage hand 1: I know we're doing Wagner, but...
Backstage hand 2: BUT...!
Backstage hand 1: That's a right set of Mozart boobs!
Backstage hand 2: What I wouldn't do to get my hands on that pair...
Backstage hand 1 (dreamily): yeah...
Backstage hand 2: yeah...
Backstage hand 1: (hornily): YEAH!
by Sinead April 22, 2005
The best mall in the world, located in Scottsdale, Arizona. Home of the first Nordstrom in the state.
"Are you going to Fashion Square to buy jeans?
by sinead January 09, 2005
When there is more than one sister, whoever is the pissest is the Pisster Sister, and the less pisster must therefore look after the Pisster Sister.
Sister 1: I'm SOOO wrecked!
Sister 2: Not as wrecked as me!
Sister 1: I SOOO am!
Sister 2: Okay.
Sister 1: Okay?
Sister 2: Okay.
Sister 1: Okay!
Sister 2: So, you're the pisster sister?
Sister 1: I'm th...(falls down, unconscious).
Sister 2: Yeah, ye'are (Sister 1 then proceeds to carry Sister 1 home).
by Sinead April 22, 2005
some one getto
hes so tugi
by sinead December 16, 2003
Tom! Orrrrrr somebody who's a bit of a wazzock.

Not related in anyway to Smoofy.
Tom is a smoof
by Sinead February 22, 2004

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