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1. Derogatory nickname for Tuscaloosa, Alabama. May be used as term of endearment by locals frustrated with the lack of non-bama culture, but is fighting words for outsiders.

2. Derogatory for people who live in Tuscaloosa or who are obsessed with it, having once lived there.
Garrett still lives a block away from Bryant-Denny stadium, even though it's been three years since he graduated--what a Tuscaloser!
by simultaneously April 30, 2006
Stands for Redneck Social Elite.

Refers to cruising urban redneck young people who own and conspicuously wear/drive expensive (but, to the rest of the world, tack) items. When male, the RSE individual generally hangs out in a circle of automobiles in an empty parking lot at night, a scene which necessitates costly automobile accessories and a minimum of two 24K gold necklaces. When female, the RSE individual spends much of her spare change on tanning bed minutes (usually at an establishment that also rents adult videos) and other beauty-related expenses. She is usually dating one or more truck club members. The RSE are rarely seen within either the inner city or truly rural areas.

First known use of RSE: i>k zine, circa 1995
"Whoa, did you check out the neon on the Camaro in the Jefferson Home Furniture parking lot? The RSE are really out tonight!"
by simultaneously April 30, 2006
The much-longed-for verdant glow of a traffic light. Fervently desired when one is in a hurry.
Already nine minutes late to her tanning-bed appointment, the driver muttered, "Gimme some greenage, gimme some greenage."
by simultaneously April 30, 2006

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