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A occurrence in a human male who is obese where the increased number of female hormones combine with the fat to create a saggy, wrinkly mess around the nipple area. This can sometimes lead to lactation, and decreased activity in the hardening of the nipples.

Otherwise Known as "shriveled whales" and "Inflated Dehydrated Chest Syndrome"
1. Tom to friends : Man, i heard Jack got the Man-saggers, that shit's deadly. Poor guy, they're really freakin gross too.

2. Doctor to Tom: Im Sorry lad, it seems you have man-saggers. Im going to start you on a intense rehabilitation program, but im sorry to say, your never gonna be the same.

Tom: Fuck my life
by simon3335 May 20, 2009
One who wanders aimlessly as if high or drunk, randomly asking others odd questions. Often known as a total reject of society. Pretty much a crazy hobo, but with ZZ top style beard.
Girl: Look over there!
Boy: Holy shit it's a Proulx let's get out of here!
by Simon3335 February 02, 2009

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