159 definitions by simon

A orderly arrangement of cunts
usu. along a vertical line
George Bush is a cunt stack
by simon March 11, 2004
1. Masturbation

2. Listening to Music.
1. HF loves to Pull On.

2. I am pulling on to Britney Spears
by Simon June 22, 2003
Refering to a large chest on a woman, when they do not meet the kaboobler requirements they are merely (kabooblets)
Guy #1 : Man, check out her kabooblers
Guy #2 : Yeah they are huge kabooblers
Guy #3 : Nah, they are just average kabooblets
by simon May 11, 2004
One who listens to brutal extreme grind music very loud.
Simon is so heavily into the metal scene that he is a Grindfucker.
by simon February 07, 2004
To be an inbred Immigrant of an African origin that worships people who wear Cowboy Boots.
Joe Smith is such a Poppadum
by Simon April 02, 2005
To dress camply and pester girls in a futile attempt to get laid. Driving a car while playing loud dance/trance/house music is also an example of Mitro behaviour.
Oh my God he's such a Mitro.

You look like a right Mitro.

Put some decent music on you Mitro.
by Simon April 01, 2005
A.K.A Richard. A little boy who's voice has not broken who has a very sick mind
Gadface, richard, get a life u sick little boy
by Simon February 13, 2005
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