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a flamingly gay teenage boy who honestly thinks he's a woman and who came into the public's eyes, unfortunately, via his infamous and unintentionally hilarious "leave britney alone!" youtube video in which he throws the most homosexual temper tantrum i've ever seen about people giving britney spears her well-deserved criticism. the awesome irony of this is that the kid doesn't even realize britney spears more than likely doesn't give a flying fuck about him and possibly even views him as a potential psychotic murder-suicide attempt. although the death of either would bring tears of happiness to millions worldwide.
chris crocker filmed himself making out with his brother in one of his videos and said "who cares about 9/11?" in another.

chris crocker is now famous for the same reasons people stop to stare at a car accident.

chris crocker is an embarrassment to britney spears fans (all 3 of them), to america, and to humanity in general.

by silly hats only September 22, 2007
something that makes everything okay.
"well i just got dumped, lost my house in a fire, and accidentally ran over my dog. but i still have my radiohead music album! life is good."
by silly hats only June 27, 2007
to "borrow" a cigarette from someone.
"hey bro can i bum a smoke from ya?"

"why certainly, good sir, you may indeed have a cigarette this fine evening."

"sweet thanks weirdo."
by silly hats only February 18, 2009
to attempt to master a difficult videogame/puzzle/craft to perfection in a matter of days by sitting on your ass for hours on end as if (or because) you have no life.
i just got gta 4 yesterday, i'm totally no-lifing that shit for 100%.
by silly hats only May 08, 2008
when you're jacking off and you're not really feeling it yet but you cum anyways and you end up feeling horny again soon thereafter. usually happens when you're in a rush or about to get caught.
i was wacking it to some hot pics of jenna juggs 'til i heard someone knocking and i half-gasmed. total buzzkill.
by silly hats only September 02, 2008

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