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When a girl or guy (for all you fags out there) gets cum in the face & then is punched in the nose or lip to mix cum & blood to make pink pearl jam. Sorry Eddie.
Me & my girl are into sadomasochism so i gave her a gruesome jelly donut last night & in the morning she kicked me in the balls. "Hey bitch, you're getting a Dirty Tony Sanchez tonight!"
by sikwill October 20, 2005
The act of placing an xtc pill up your arse so that you can get a better effect quicker since it is absorbed directly through the anal tissue.
Q:Does that mean you're gay if you've ever been colon rollin'?
A:Only if you let another man insert it in your freakin' arse, e-tard!
by sikwill October 20, 2005
The atheistic description of life after death due to every rational & scientific explanation for this universe's very creation.

Ken's answer to his daughter's question of what happens after we die was very simple: we become wormfood.
by sikwill November 10, 2005
Becoming utterly elated & happy with oneself & others that you just want to give everyone all of your delicious explosions of love, light, & laughter forever.
She hit the lottery & had such a jovialicious behavior that i got instinctually jealous & beat her senseless with my crowbar.
by sikwill October 20, 2005
When your asshole is inflamed, torn, & bleeding profusely due to many rigorous anal fucks by multitudes of men.
That bitch sure does have a swollen colon, after all she just got clusterfucked by a dozen dudes.
by sikwill October 20, 2005
When a male friend takes one for the team by agreeing to go for the fat chick of the bunch.
Yo, I got stuck with the free willy last time, it's your turn munchkin man.
by sikwill October 20, 2005
A form of dance that is used by dumbass rednecks or Ashlee Simpson on SNL when not performing very well since being caught lip syncing is one of the most idiotic & crucial failures within the music industry.
Jessica Simpson: "Oh my God daddy! What in the hell is my sister doin' on national tv after just being humiliated for lip syncing?"
Daddy Simpson: "Oh, that's a hoedown which is what she's supposed to be doin' cuz i made a bet with her that she'd never do that if she was ever caught having no talent just like you. So how's that marriage goin' since you've been givin' me head for the last decade? I guess your doin' a hoedown, too. Ho! Down! Aaaaaaaahhhhh."
by sikwill October 27, 2005

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