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8 definitions by sikwill

When a girl or guy (for all you fags out there) gets cum in the face & then is punched in the nose or lip to mix cum & blood to make pink pearl jam. Sorry Eddie.
Me & my girl are into sadomasochism so i gave her a gruesome jelly donut last night & in the morning she kicked me in the balls. "Hey bitch, you're getting a Dirty Tony Sanchez tonight!"
by sikwill October 20, 2005
The act of placing an xtc pill up your arse so that you can get a better effect quicker since it is absorbed directly through the anal tissue.
Q:Does that mean you're gay if you've ever been colon rollin'?
A:Only if you let another man insert it in your freakin' arse, e-tard!
by sikwill October 20, 2005
The atheistic description of life after death due to every rational & scientific explanation for this universe's very creation.

Ken's answer to his daughter's question of what happens after we die was very simple: we become wormfood.
by sikwill November 10, 2005
Becoming utterly elated & happy with oneself & others that you just want to give everyone all of your delicious explosions of love, light, & laughter forever.
She hit the lottery & had such a jovialicious behavior that i got instinctually jealous & beat her senseless with my crowbar.
by sikwill October 20, 2005
When your asshole is inflamed, torn, & bleeding profusely due to many rigorous anal fucks by multitudes of men.
That bitch sure does have a swollen colon, after all she just got clusterfucked by a dozen dudes.
by sikwill October 20, 2005
When a male friend takes one for the team by agreeing to go for the fat chick of the bunch.
Yo, I got stuck with the free willy last time, it's your turn munchkin man.
by sikwill October 20, 2005
A complete & total moron who, because of being an imbecile, refuses to oxycute (oxyclean) & so has acute acne on entire face & neck & enjoys popping it in public.
Oh shit, dude! Look at that fuckin' redneck craterface with the pus running down his chin, damn he's an oxymoron.
by sikwill October 23, 2005