8 definitions by sikwill

A form of dance that is used by dumbass rednecks or Ashlee Simpson on SNL when not performing very well since being caught lip syncing is one of the most idiotic & crucial failures within the music industry.
Jessica Simpson: "Oh my God daddy! What in the hell is my sister doin' on national tv after just being humiliated for lip syncing?"
Daddy Simpson: "Oh, that's a hoedown which is what she's supposed to be doin' cuz i made a bet with her that she'd never do that if she was ever caught having no talent just like you. So how's that marriage goin' since you've been givin' me head for the last decade? I guess your doin' a hoedown, too. Ho! Down! Aaaaaaaahhhhh."
by sikwill October 27, 2005

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