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a guy who is athletic and an academic overachiever.
oh man, jesse is such a telric!
by siemci August 05, 2006
Pronounced see`emm`see. If pronounced aloud, it will say CMC, which coincidentally is the initials of Vancouver's well known Carma.

Siemci is sometimes used as a name in place of an actual name, whenever one does not wish to submit real information.

Syn: Great, excellent, funny, and any other word that crosses the two.
So Carma is siemci!


Siemci? Haha, yea.
by siemci August 18, 2006
Aeons is a word used to describe a series of words without having to use many.

-> funny, strange, good looking, rich, pedophile

Usually used to describe well-off Westside boys.

The word originates from Final Fantasy, but has evolved over modern time to also include the above mentioned definition.
"Yo, so who do you think is aeons?"

"Uh, I guess David would be."
by siemci August 18, 2006
Amory is a word to describe a mixed-nationality person who spends a lot of money per week.

Most are known to eat a lot of kimchi and listen to the METAL genre of music frequently.

Occasionally, one may also meet one who uses Acid.
"Hey do you know any Amory?"

"Uh, maybe that guy who eats a lot of kimchi? Iono..."
by siemci August 18, 2006

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