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Often used as a word to describe "heaven." Proper usage allows for the complete substitution of the word heaven in many cases; esp. when describing that wonderful beacon of light-- the city on the hill-- Amory.

Amory is the definition of America.
Amory is the most glorious town in all of America.
by Tubbert Lord Lumpkins July 18, 2009
Amory is a word to describe a mixed-nationality person who spends a lot of money per week.

Most are known to eat a lot of kimchi and listen to the METAL genre of music frequently.

Occasionally, one may also meet one who uses Acid.
"Hey do you know any Amory?"

"Uh, maybe that guy who eats a lot of kimchi? Iono..."
by siemci August 18, 2006
A general term used to describe an overall jack@$$ of epic proportions.
"my ex-boyfriend is such an Amory"
by emo lover 1313 December 27, 2009
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