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(Pronouced Toy-key boy-guh, to be said in a New York accent) A sandwich compiled mostly of turkey, and other various condiments and sandwich additives.
Hey, waita. It's been twenty fuckin' minutes since I ordered my toikey boiga. Kapish?
by sidexwalk June 27, 2009
Another word for a skateboarding trick: the Three-sixty flip (to) frontside lipslide.
Fuck it man. I'm gonna go for the tre-flip lip.
by sidexwalk June 27, 2009
1) The philosophical standpoint that ignorance is bliss, and therefore learning of any kind whatsoever should be avoided at all costs.

2) Method(s) used by religions and cults to promote comfortable, simple lies over the scientific truths of the universe.

3) A standpoint backed up only by personal notions, and no real evidence or logic
A) Had I gone the route of Ignorism, I'd never have to put up with all these complicated facts!

B) Wanna join the Church of Scientology? It's easy! We'll have you roped in to Ignorism in no time....

C) I have no proof! I plea argumentum ad ignorism.
by sidexwalk August 06, 2009
To feel the sensation of a vibrating phone on one's person when said person actually doesn't have their phone.
Dude I could swear I just felt my phone vibrate and I don't even have that shit. Some serious texthesia.
by sidexwalk August 16, 2013
a stinging, fiery expulsion of semen caused primarily by an unhealthy diet consisting of peanut butter, hotsauce, jack daniels, 5-day old Mexican food left in the fridge, and listening to Kanye West. Symptoms include painful, fiery secretions, burning sensations in the genital region, and total scrotal implosion.
That slut from the busstop gave me relentless sloogeburn

Hey Kanye, stop making music so I can actually enjoy life for once. It's hard to carry on with this immense case of sploogeburn.
by sidexwalk August 28, 2012

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