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A shit-box of a car made by Holden and driven by Australian teenagers. It usually has crappy cheap mags, and a homemade spoiler.

So named because they are cheap and unattractive, and will most probably die soon.

Commonwhore drivers commonly think that their car is the fastest thing on the road, when actually it would roll over and die if it even tried to take on a Ford.

See bogan
Aye, Steve! Lets take my commonwhore and do bog laps round Freo with my shitty stereo up so loud it's distorting
by SirLegend March 28, 2004
60 23
A whore who is common
That girl is a common whore! She's always at the house fucking around!
by Mista Dobalina February 25, 2008
18 8
A whore that is common with guys
That bitch is a common whore!
by sdgadfhfhs April 24, 2004
16 22