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1. A real bitchin' firecrotch chick. Has an asian boyfriend and is obsessed with microdicks.

2. Has the Sick.

3. Is sorry alot

4. Best friends with the Manpreet

5. A pretty damn good friend that I'm gonna miss when she goes to college.
Damn, skatie is extra fiery today.
by Analbead21 May 04, 2010
Some who looks dodgy/shifty, appears to dress like a boy, and has weird obsessions with four-legged animals.
"Oh My Goodness Dave, look at that Skatie in the field with that poor horse."
"Get away from my Bernard (a dog) you damned Skatie"
"Woah, sorry mate for a minute i thought you were a boy but you're just a Skatie."
by Jude Clipsom February 19, 2008
Aussi - skater or skateboard. Generally bogan skater term.
Fark man, I snapped me skatie on a hardflip ay!
by sideways April 28, 2004
A skatie is someone who can skate, or who hanges around with skaters/grungers and wears skater clothes. Skaties are generally people who wear skate clothes but don't skate or are learning to skate. Also known as a skateboardee
"Look a bunch of skaties"- chav pointing to a load of grungers who the chav thinks are skaties because they are at a skate park.
by QueenOfRandomness June 03, 2005
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