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a slang term more oftenly used to create a sense of definition in a sentence. Derived from the Rastafarian term for God, Ja, it has the same effect as "Ja knows" a similar meaning to "God knows" but is rarely used in this context. More often used by todays teenagers who owuld like to try to sound ghetto because they have the new "50 cent" LP.
"yo my homedogg, jano I got da nu Snoop Kitty Kat album, i jakked it off a honkee, get meh?"
by sickery_mc June 13, 2004
A group of A-grade students who created a small gang during school designed to take the piss out of the famous "G-Unit", now one of the biggest, and dangerous, nottingham gangs "Fresh Unit" has become a lot more than a joke. With organised crime, weaponry and underground boxing clubs (known as FUN clubs, (F)resh (U)nit (N)ottingham) it must be one of the most serious and big money producing criminal gangs in Great Britain. Originally founded by Samuel B Slater, "Fresh Unit" has been expanding ever since it was created and now has over 60 unnofficial members.
I wish i was a part of Fresh Unit, but obviously I am not good enough.
by sickery_mc June 13, 2004
An extremely anti-black figure of speech, describing blacks as morons whose only achievements are to wear SHITE baggy clothes and not wear a hat properly. White people who also take the decision to wear similar clothes to the ones previously described are commonly known as "wiggas" a term coming from a collaboration of "white" and "nigga". There should be a collective word for any one who chooses to wear stupid clothes and not wear a hat properly, if of any race or skin colour and that should be "TWAT"
he is a wigga, no, he is a twat.
by sickery_mc June 13, 2004

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