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oh my god. ( in spanish ) mostly said when..
1. some one it's getting on your nerves.
2. some thing bad just happend.
1. Ay dios mio! Tu me tienes loca. Deja me ya.

2. Ay dios mio. I can't beleive you broke that. Mami is going to beat your ass.
by shy January 04, 2005
instead of fucking her brains out, take the time to charish your time together
and take it easy and slow.to satisfy both of your needs.(dont stop until she cums)
I made sweet love to my baby boo*
by shy June 16, 2003
the best fucking mc ever! free shyne mother fucking po!
When Shyne gets out of jail he's gonna shoot 50 Cent and reunite him with his moms for saying he's soft and he won't shoot up a club again.
by shy January 04, 2005
in the west indies we use the term Dutty Foot ( Dirty Foot ) as another word for sket, skeeza, ho, ect..
Yeah mon. Tamara a dutty foot. she been with Rey Rey and his lil bortha.
by shy January 03, 2005
in the west indies. when somebody's talking shit to you or somebody tells you something that you don't want to hear or they shouldn't have said you say " wha de fuck i hearing!? "
person one : geh form me ya sketty ras. that's why i been bulling yo lil sista.

person two : wha de fuck i hearing!? ( slaps person one )
by shy January 03, 2005
A dick that pleasures a women!!!
(havin Sex)
oOoOooooOO i love Daddy dick
by shy March 25, 2005
i really don't think that the term "chi chi lady" exist dude.
gay boy : fuck you! bitch you a chi chi lady!

me : wha de fuck i hearing? me na know wha a chi chi lady be. you ebee!
by shy January 05, 2005

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