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1. (n) a vagina in Colombia and some other Spanish-speaking countries; probably a short form of cucaracha

2. (n) genitalia; supposed to refer to a vagina but in English you can say it for a penis too because we own the universe and can do as we like
My cuca hurts.

Damn, bitch! I got scabs on my cuca now cuz you don't wash that stank-ass bush!
by Shrimphead May 09, 2008
1 - (n) a dirty whore

2 - (n) a filthy, disgusting, smelly person (female but sometimes used for males)

3 - (v) a dance characterized by raising the knees and flailing the arms while bent over like you are ready for a huge dong in your ass and enjoying it; this dance is usually performed to ska music while smoking a joint

4 - (proper Noun) a Brazilian pop band with a reggae/ska influence; in recent years Skank (prounounced more like "skunky" by the Brazilians, has morphed into a more soft-rock band
1 - Yo, homes, that bitch be a skank. Don't get wit her.

2 - Liz and Lance are total skanks. I heard they don't even have no bath in that trailer park they lives in.

3 - Owen and Denise are skanking to the music and smokin' a blunt.

4 - I bought the new Skank CD but it's not like their old stuff.
by shrimphead May 08, 2008
A really HUGE douchebag. A douche so big that he spreads his douchiosity all around the room.
Dude, I gotta get out here. That douchebomb, Greg just walked in. I can almost feel the douchiosity crawling up my leg.
by shrimphead May 07, 2008
(v) to covertly put a wad of jizz (semen) into someone's drink
Check it out: Kyle just jizzbombed Brett's Dr. Pepper! That kid sure likes to jizzbomb. Be careful when you drink around him.
by Shrimphead May 09, 2008
1. (n) a person with a small head and a large body

2. (n) in certain parts of Asia it refers to a man with a small penis

3. (n) a film/comedy about a monster named Shrimphead
1. Derek's brother is football player and a total shrimphead

2. Dat shrimphead can no get into my pant, ok? OK!? So just fo-get it. I eat some chop-suey instead. It more fun.

3. I saw Shrimphead last night and it was the bomb.
by Shrimphead May 09, 2008
(n) the quality or state of being a douchebag
I must say, Jeeves, that Henry's douchiosity surpasses even that of Napoleon's. I dare say he might be the biggest douche ever!
by shrimphead May 07, 2008
(n) the sticky white crap that forms at the corner of your lips when you get drymouth
Yo, dude, Lana's coming. Clean that lipjizz off your mouth. It looks nasty.
by Shrimphead May 09, 2008

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