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A p-pad is a very small passenger seat on a motorcycle (usually a hardtail) mounted on the rear fender of the bike.
It is just big enough for a female to set her ass on, about enough padding to keep her pussy off the fender. Also refered to as a pussy pad.
Needless to say, it is very uncomfortable.
Bikerchick; Take me for a ride on your bike !
Biker: Okay but there ain't no seat except mine, all you get to sit on is a p-pad !
by shomesomethin July 12, 2010
A waste, or a TOTAL waste, is what the majority of todays young people (under 30) are, with very, very, few exceptions.
So many of todays kids are just worthless, just a bunch of idiots, a waste, of (money, time, education etc.)
by shomesomethin July 11, 2010
A term used for a woman who is easy to get into bed, or an easy fuck. A woman you don't have to spend money on to get laid.
She's just like melted butter, spreads easy.
by shomesomethin July 12, 2010
Anyone who resorts to the use of such slang terminology as found in the urban dictionary. Someone who is a shining example of the sad state of the educational system in the United States.
A spurg is of the level of human intelligence that requires communication of a nature that differs from the proper terminology of their predominant language.
A spurg can be wealthy or poor, young or old, homo or hetero, male or female, from any place throughout the world.
A spurg has one mindset: being worshiped, revered, adored, admired, awed. (Thought of as COOL)
A spurg is seen everywhere, in the media especially, a spurg is what most humans aspire to be, without even knowing it. A spurg doesn't have the ability to standardize without some kind of example.
A spurg has a "cud" or dumb mindset that cannot fathom anything in and of itself, anything new, a spurg 's mindset must have something to compare a thought or idea to, in order to understand.
by shomesomethin June 26, 2010
Bad boys from Missouri who burned the town of Lawrence Ks, 150 years ago, due to their tolerance of racial equality.
Lawrence was the largest town in n.e. Kansas at that time.
A group of Border ruffians rode west from Missouri one nite and set fire to the town of Lawrence, thus becoming Border Raiders.
by shomesomethin July 26, 2010
What the train rides on... a slang term for a woman who gets a train pulled on her, or has sex with one guy after another after another and so on and so forth.
She got gang-banged last night man ... she got rode like a traintrack.
by shomesomethin July 12, 2010
The rectum, or asshole, which is meant to have things go down it just one direction....out, not in.
Nothing better ever go up my asshole, thats a one way dirt road...
by shomesomethin July 29, 2010

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