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the googly eye (or just googly) is the eye-contact used to relay your interest in another.
"Girrrrrl, he TOTALLY just gave you the full-blown googly."
by shocka October 08, 2004
term derived from an unappealingly pyramid-shaped, tapered penis. now used to label anyone with a major flaw which is only revealed upon sexual contact.
I thought he was hot, but once i got his clothes off i was disappointed to discover that he was a giza dick.
by shocka October 09, 2004
someone who appears to be a catch, but is later discovered to have a touch of the 'tard. derived from the writings featured at the seventh charm website.
We met for coffee and he seemed really nice. Then he showed me his writing samples and i knew he was another seventh charmer.
by shocka October 13, 2004
a bandanna worn to disguise one's baldness.
Many ex-hair-metal rockers, such as Axel Rose and Bret Michaels wear baldannas.
by shocka August 05, 2007
scratching the inside of an asshole with ones penis
Tony Majersky gave Mr. Christopher Silva a scralatchtica yesterday after he complained about his itchy rear.
by shocka February 21, 2005
(n)/(v) a state of euphoria attained after a particularly meaningful tennis victory. the sensation tends to start at the clitoris and work its way outward.
Amelie Mauresmo shuddered under the force of a powerful maurgasm when she realized that she had won the Australian Open.
by shocka January 28, 2006

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