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3 definitions by shivey89

too much running around: also known as "red tape" in the commercial/economic sector, this refers to the nuisance and waste of time which one encounters while pursuing certain interests (objects and/or persons). While it can be a fun "cat and dog" chase, it can really get to most people, especially those who want things ASAP. It's either their way or no way at all.
Adam: I met up with this chic yesterday... we seemed to hit it off and all but when I tried calling to catch up later, it was TMRA... so eventually I got fed up.

Steve: She's def the TMRA type... sure no-go!

Adam: She called me a while ago but I missed it... and when tried calling her back, I got the same thing. Should I at least text back or...?

Steve: Don't even bother, dude!


These over-the-top transactions are just so unnecessary! Really TMRA for me!
by shivey89 May 30, 2010
Tempted-to-drink-attack: when you haven't had a specific drink in a while and once it appears, your tastebuds go crazy for it.
I was on a diet from Cola for about a month, then my friend came in with a can yesterday and I had instant TTDA.
by shivey89 May 17, 2010
Don't Look Now: when you're talking about someone nearby but don't want them to know; you must say it while looking at the target but not OBVIOUSLY just in case your friend looks and spoils the moment. Your friend usually looks AFTER they have passed.
DLN but those shoes are hideous like OMG!
by shivey89 May 17, 2010