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1- A cock sucking man or woman who fucks a mother of some kind.
2- a name used by people who are mad at some other mother fucking cock sucker.
You are a mother fucking cock sucker. Why did you fuck my mother?
by shithole May 12, 2003
A man or woman who is so good at fucking, is labeled as a fuck master.
I climaxed last night because my boyfriend is quite a fuck master.
by ShitHole June 04, 2003
a person who sucks cum
I am such a fucking cum sucker
by Shithole June 05, 2003
A word used in willy wonka and also by gay men describing something wonderful, tasty or "truly pizzazz-full"
this cake is so scrumdidlyumpscious.
by shithole May 12, 2003
A shananagan that comes from your pants- such as gas, wet gas, popin' up penis', wet vaginas, and other things located somewhere down there...
Bus Driver: I dun want no mo shananagins comin from yo pants, ya here?
by shithole May 12, 2003
place where shit exits your sorry ass
brown mushy goo plops out of my pants...
by shithole May 12, 2003
A name used by very sheltered people, or people that are trying to cover up for what bad language they just used.
Oh you stupid fu-i mean muffin head.
by shithole May 12, 2003
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