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A leading civilization where everything is made because of low wages (due to overpopulation hence unemployment) combined with high craftsmanship thus the reason why every major company invests in china as opposed to africa and india

Influenced basically all Asian countries: Japanese/Korean writing all have chinese characters, chopsticks used by Japan and Korea, many asians celebrates Chinese New Year (Lunar new year)

Chinese invented: gunpowder/fireworks,the first printing press, seismograph, decimal system, compass, writing, the first modern paper, spaghetti, iron casting, clock, first calculator(abacus), silk, umbrella, stirrup, kites(military communication) etc etc etc
Printing press came from China, but the westerners neglect that fact because the printing press only printed Chinese characters

The British wanted Chinese inventions, thus killing many Chinese/forcing them to take opium in exchange for items (Opium War)

When western medicines failed to save my aunt, Chinese medicine revived her

The americans are afraid that China will outpace the rest of the world again

China, the only asian country that has yet to be annexed entirely

Those assholes keep dissing Chinese, but they are the ones rocking made in China versace and driving in China manufactured Cadillac

Even original buildings in Japan and Korean looks like Chinese infrastructures

The Japanese writes Japan in Chinese
by shitastic January 23, 2005
Rarest member in a band, the most important person to a guitarist, used to hide mistakes of guitarist
A:dude we just ran over someone maybe we should turn back
B:That guy deserved the darwin award for stepping in our way, keep on driving
A:Dude we forgot the drummer!!!!
B:what the shizniz?!?!!? YOU IDIOT, TURN THE BUS AROUND NOW!!!!
by shitastic October 11, 2004
The guy who criticizes everything you ever do, never admits he's wrong in front of you, the guy who ejaculated into your mom, the human bank machine, the only straight guy who ever cares for you but never admits it
me: can i drive today
me:oh come on
dad:if we die itz your fault

me:i got my ass kicked at school today
dad:you loser
me:they stole my lunch money too
dad:man you're the biggest mistake i ever made
dad:come on son lets go and hurt does guys then lets go to a buffet
by shitastic October 09, 2004
Declared the best power forward in the NHL by peers, one who sticks up for a team mate, admits wrong doing and helped canucks from becoming obsolete
-steve moore had it coming when he gave Markus Naslund a concussion

-Even if steve was hit "fairly" as
opposed to being hit from behind, Bertuzzi would still own his ass silly

-step down tyson, Bertuzzi can beat the shit out of anyone

-one of the few giants that can puck handle and score
by Shitastic December 27, 2004
3 time oscar winning show...episodes last 30 minutes each
wallace and gromit revived the near obsolete wensleydale cheese
by Shitastic December 26, 2004
1. unable to function
2. shattered into pieces
3. unauthorized entrance
4. a word that has become a cliche in music
1. viagra, a cure for the broken
2. Emoboy: my life is broken!! (after chipping his nail)
3. poll:would you rather have your house broken into than watch another nick & jessica prime time special?!
results: getting broken into wins hands down
4.a:can you help me find the song with the word broken, it sounds pretty good?
b:uh...which of the 9.9x10^99999999 songs are u talking about
<a closer look at mxtabs.net/google reveals the severe contamination of broken in songs/lyrics>
by shitastic May 28, 2005
equivalent to an american football touchdown, a try = 5 points during international games where a rugby player touches down the rugby ball in the opposition's end zone without a knockon dropping the ball forward, a try can be achieved by sliding through the grass and pass the tryline, kicked through to the endzone then touched down, mauled in similar to a ruck but a player carrying the ball is being driven forward, or a try can be achived simply by a player running through, around, under the opposition
1)I'm trying get a try but the more i try the less tries i get so i must try not to try to get a try

2)Forwards can't score a try even if they tried

3)The winger retired when the hooker scored more tries than him
by shitastic October 09, 2004
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