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3 definitions by shiggity-shiggity-schwha

1. a woman that lives in a dorm that practices sex as often as humanly possible.

2. A woman who has had sex with the majority of males or females residing in a dorm building.
She has had sex with all of the guys, she is a dorm whore.
by shiggity-shiggity-schwha March 02, 2006
1. A female who is a member of the Armed Services that acts as though she was issued by the military for sexual gradification of male troops.

see also dorm whore and doorknob
The Military Moped spread the Clap to all her co-workers.
by shiggity-shiggity-schwha March 02, 2006
A woman who by her own choice loves and cares for her husbands child/children. A stepmother is the mother in her household. Gods gift to some children to make up for the loser mothers that gave birth to them.
She is the worlds greatest Step mom.
by shiggity-shiggity-schwha March 02, 2006