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An office based environment designed to suck all the life and ambition out of you.Where your only sancuary is the toilets where you only have 5 mins before the lights go off and it becomes a game of blind mans wipe and washing your hands under the taps can result in 3rd degree burns.keyers are under paid and food from the vending machines require a morgage.The mdec is rife with infected keyboards and an arsonist working in the canteen(if the poison dont get you the burnt salad will).If for some reason a keyer is unable to attend a WTL session(aka nap time) it does require a note from your mum.Rife with thieves (aka romec)6 guys,6 weeks,6 grand to change a light bulb.Word of warning you will be told to move seats at some point if you talk to much,talk to little,yawn,scatch your nose or any part of your face,get below 98%,turn your head,adjust your seat,blink or do anything of this nature.As well as offering a wide choice of working hours including part-time, this shift is also offered out to the lift,which seems to work less hours than anyone.Generous parking facitilies are offered to employees and this does double up as a employee swimming pool after a brief spell of rain.To Sum up a great place to work!!
by shift manager March 18, 2010

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