26 definitions by shiZzle

Your mom's girlfriend. She's not your step mom, she's a lesbian. In your house. Making you eat quorn.
"you can't come round to mine, my step-other's having primal scream therapy"
by shizzle March 04, 2004
to be covered in cum.
I cummed her face and tits....
by Shizzle July 21, 2003
The greatest online radio network...EVER!
What kinda fucked up tour is this?
by shizzle February 09, 2003
A little reggin
That retard is a nugget
by Shizzle May 05, 2003
A fat overweight slob, which can normally be found in a bowl of any kind of food which you give to it.
I feared for my life as Muddy blocked out the sun
by Shizzle March 22, 2003
welcome to teh mf101.net
by shizzle February 09, 2003
getting ass fucked by one thousand tribesman
she needs mugumbo to loosen up
by shizzle June 02, 2003

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