26 definitions by shiZzle

To fly, either one or numerous, amount of bees. Flying bees is becomming a popular hobby within NZ.
"Lets go nasir some bees" "WTF DUDE"
by ShiZZLE April 09, 2003
piece of shit clown...often used by negroes to describe the circus
you damn skizzles get a real fucking job ... lets go homeynizzle
by shizzle June 21, 2003
a combination between a moron and a retard
"You fuckin motar. cant do anything right."
by shizzle May 24, 2003
A fat porker of a man (usually with a rotund belly covering his shriveled cock), roasting his burned ass on the beech in a Speedo,usually with back hair matted down in sun tan lotion.
"Man, look at that spedoinkle! What a land whale!"
by Shizzle April 08, 2003
you can claim either red or blue
sup, i claim red ::PURO N0RTE::

yo i claim blue
by SHIZZLE February 14, 2005

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