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To fireswipe, this means when you enter the subway illegally by either jumping the turnstile or using a broken turnstile.
Are there any PHOENIX around? I think we should F-S vin.
by Shazaamizer June 25, 2006
To diss someone or burn them verbally.
Griffin you just SHAZAAMED that guy!!
by Shazaamizer June 24, 2006
To double swipe with a friend, this is when you enter the subway using one metro fare and getting in two people.
Yo abdulla, i dont have any money right now, lets D-S.
by Shazaamizer June 25, 2006
To hangout with friends, people use this code when NF's are in the area and when they are planning on doing something in secret.
Yo Abdulla are we HGing today?? YOU KNOW IT!
by Shazaamizer June 21, 2006
Really cool, Mad hot, sweet, tight, whatever you wanna call it , it means awesome.
That game of Ultimate Frisbee was SHazaamNistic!!
by Shazaamizer June 21, 2006
To completely fool someone. Very similar to bamboozled, except its the next level of foolness.
HA! Abdulla bambizzled Cody with that extreme riddle.
by Shazaamizer July 09, 2006
It is the word used to describe friends who are walking slower then you and are falling behind the herd.
Yo Vin and Kyle, you guys are freakin wopplin!!
by Shazaamizer June 27, 2006

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