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a hair color. really that's it. not quite dumb but generally called a ditz. but not all blondes are. it's just a steriotype that people need to get over.
a girl that has RED hair runs across the street when she is not sapposed to and narrowly escapes getting nailed by a car.

my mother: she must dye her hair.
(saying she must naturally be a blonde)
by shawty royal June 18, 2008
a website that if you get sucked into will become addicting and you will end up with more than 100 friends that you have never talked to in your life. other than that if it's used properly it can be fun when tom isnt running updates... updates are annoying. you can upload videos, blogs, upload pictures, basically you get to put your life on the internet for everyone to see.
myspace: a place where nothing FUCKING WORKS!
by shawty royal June 18, 2008
a cool way of saying a bitch.
jeannie is a flubbered bizznatchett
by shawty royal June 19, 2008
1. verb: slerr for banging

2. adj.: describing something that is "awesome" or "cool"

3. verb: doing it.
1. stop bangin on my wall.

2. wow dats tight shawty i think dats gotta be bangin.

3. they were bangin behind the dumpster again last night.
by shawty royal June 18, 2008
the most annoying thing my boyfriend sends over every text message. meaning a tongue sticking out at you. things like ":p", "::PPP" and "d:" can also be used but please in moderation.
text convo:
me: hey what's up?
my bf: nm u? ::PP
by shawty royal June 18, 2008
A white gangster. also used as a person that wants to be a gangster but has never worked hard for something a day in their life.
toaf thinks hes punk but hes the biggest wangster.
by shawty royal July 10, 2008
emo food.
emo girl: hey you got the skittles?

emo guy: yea you got the razor?
by shawty royal July 10, 2008
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