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5 definitions by shatel

weed marijuana mary jane
where da douja at
by shatel December 20, 2003
71 25
pussy tastes good
she tastes like candy
by shatel December 20, 2003
16 10
(French name meaning song) Shatel, a word assoicated with love, peace, joy, and harmony. A strong African American woman with the power to listen to a friend, raise a child, maintain the home, and please her man all at the same time. A pleasing combination of elements in a whole. This diva is definately known to accomplish what others failed to do and for some reason Shatel keeps a man's attention by using simple and only conversation.
Shatel varied as Shantel or Chatel/Chantelle
by Shatel February 19, 2005
4 3
fucked alot of times
shes been ran up in so many times
by shatel December 20, 2003
7 8
gay or bisexual
im a rainbow prider
by shatel December 20, 2003
16 25