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da dun dun is something you say when you have nothing else left to say to somebody that is making you mad, or that you dislike (after you say it you walk away)
Hater "Your hella stupid"
Person "Da dun dun bitch"
by sharapstar October 11, 2010
1)Wave means to follow in some ones footsteps

2)its like being part of some one who is really popular or who a lot of ppl likes "crew" aka there "wave"
1) Yo she badd i wanna join her wave
2) It's Barbie bitch you can join the wave...
by sharapstar September 04, 2010
Cuka Roll means pussy
Nicki Minaj: " If you cute then ur crew can roll, If you sexy eat my Cuka Roll"
by Sharapstar December 22, 2011
When you say your swivin me its like saying are you kidding me.
Ay you got an F on this quiz

Your swivin me dude
by sharapstar May 12, 2010
As low as it gets
Girl "I need a boyfriend"
Friend "Try craigslist"
Girl " NOO... thats bottom of the barrel"
by Sharapstar June 12, 2012
Dodatden is something you say after somebody says they wanna do something.Cool word
x:Im finna go eat
Y: you go dodatden
by sharapstar May 30, 2010
Hella hurt (very popular in Northern California) describes somebody who gets really mad over nothing. It could also mean somebody who really ugly
Girl- I asked my teacher how old she is and she started yelling at me.
Girl 2- Wow, She hella hurt

Boy- That girl with the mole, and bowl cut is his girlfriend.
Boy 2- eww she hella hurt, he need to upgrade
by sharapstar January 26, 2012

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