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From Aleph Zadik Aleph,
1. an 80 year old jewish fraternity based on seven cardinal priciples whos members are soo gay they're almost fraternal (or is it the other way around?)
The member of said fraternity is refered to as an aleph
AZA is the fuckin shiznaz
by shaqualooloo March 17, 2005
n. and intj. African for "penis"; a penis
I have a giant motombo
by shaqualooloo March 15, 2005
n. the aplicator on the duche bag

{with 45 "z"s}
1. someone of complete idiocy that causes aggrivation
2. a person who isnt amiable in any sense
3. a person whom you dont like in any sense
4.Dimitri (Baly's boyfriend)

N.B. the number of "z"s varies depending on the level of pissed off you are at the person
Dimitri chilled with his bitch ass friends instead of Baly, what a duche nozzle.*

*{with 45 "z"s}
by shaqualooloo March 15, 2005
n. 1. a most gay person
2. a person who is being gay
3. Ethan

a combination of treasure (like butt pirates playing "burry the treasure") and salad (like how in prison you get your salad tossed)
That ref soo was the treasure-salad when he made that call...
by shaqualooloo March 15, 2005
adv. or adj.
1. a term for something that is great to the umpteenth degree
2. something too great for explanation

from the word JOTA in the sense of greatness
that JOTA was JOTAriffictacular
by shaqualooloo March 15, 2005
the spanish word for the letter "j"; also any sort of masterbation (mutual or otherwise); a way of life; a greeting
"Dude, if you keep doing that you're never getting any JOTA"

"When Ben encountered Eric in the hall, 'JOTA!!!!!' was thier choice of greeting
by shaqualooloo March 15, 2005
inter. Anything dealing with sex.
Lets write a report on the Pony Express, but not get you pregos
by shaqualooloo April 06, 2005
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