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Slang for penis in mexico and/or someone with a very low IQ. Usually used in place of someones first name to be made into an insult referring to them.
"Man, Pito Ashmore is being such a fag today!"
by Shank November 29, 2002
Script user kiddie hackers who claim to be "intermediate" or "advanced".
You with the trojan. Your such a lamer
by Shank September 09, 2003
1) An old ancient civilization family. Were once the rulers of Ukraine. They were known for being fun and extremly good to their people.

2)One who is nice to people

Eg: That guy is a real nice shankowsky

3)One who is a ruler or a king.
Josh is a shankowsky
by shank January 28, 2005
Once said to be a great ruler of tiebt. He was the creator of the quote" free tibet!!". it has now been used in many cartoons, and television shows.
Rezewski is the ruler of tiber. (with josh as his side kick)
by shank January 28, 2005
Geeky, white guy speak. Probably came from the racquetball courts of a local YMCA.
"Hey, Todd. Wanna grab a cold brewski after work today?"
"I'm game."
"Alright, bro."
by Shank April 28, 2004
Someone by then ame of Sarah S.
Sarah is a weird one. Sarah loves being weird
by Shank January 27, 2005
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