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6 definitions by shane941

a girl who loves dick and is always thinking about it and is always trying to get some dick
Jeremy: hey moon, megan's lookin at that dudes dick haha!
Moon: of course she is, she's a cock craver >=(
by shane941 March 22, 2007
a dirty,std infected penis. may smell like cheese and/or appear to have cheese coming out of it. cheese weenie was invented and first used by G.
man u have been with so many nasty bitches, i bet u got cheese weenie don't u?
by shane941 March 22, 2007
a girl who fucks a lot of guys and is a cock craver. you can usualy tell if a girl is broke by looking at her face alone. also refered to as a "bb" if ur around one of them and dont want them to know what ur talking about.
damn im feelin kinda horny tonite, i think im gonna call up that broke bitch kelly and get my fuck on.
by shane941 March 22, 2007
ugly hoes who hop in ur bedroom window, usualy at night because they are too damn ugly to use the front door and be seen in any light.
the window hoppers came in last night and let the whole crew smash!
by shane941 March 22, 2007
stands for gansgta party, as in gang bang. usually one girl and atleast 2 guys
ryan and jeremy threw down a gp with megan
by shane941 March 22, 2007
stands for "fake sleep", it is something you usualy do to fuck with and annoy someone, or to get them to leave you alone. can be done anytime and anywhere.
o shit here comes g-ma! everyone FS!
by shane941 March 22, 2007