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A bitch who ain't got no money
Let's go to the club. I ain't got no money. Damn you a broke bitch.
by J.J. September 10, 2003
Bitches who are so broke, they resort to depending on a man.for example, some strippers who fuck for money. Not all do. Women who are lazy mostly and let life happen to them
Strippers who fuck to make a living. Strippers/broke bitches who fuck because money makes them persay "cum".
by jermainemyrn November 07, 2013
a girl who fucks a lot of guys and is a cock craver. you can usualy tell if a girl is broke by looking at her face alone. also refered to as a "bb" if ur around one of them and dont want them to know what ur talking about.
damn im feelin kinda horny tonite, i think im gonna call up that broke bitch kelly and get my fuck on.
by shane941 March 22, 2007
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