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It's a district in Columbus,Ohio that is a bit south of OSU's main campus and north of the Convention Center. It's full of small galleries, specialty shops, and bars. A pretty nice place but obviously our desperate attempt to be "chic" and "metropolitan".

The first Saturday of each month there is Gallery Hop. It's not anything especially organized. Basically what you do is "hop" from gallery to gallery. Supposedly you look at the art but you really do it to dine on the fine (read "free") food. It's also a great place to see and be seen. Lots of opportunities to be propositioned by drunkards or have your ensemble be silently criticized by gay people or people who work in the stores.

Common sights:
Ridiculously overpriced thrift stores that call their clothes "Vintage" and "Experienced"
Political activists (Hillary supporters across the street from Obama supporters)
Scantily-clad transvestites.
Restaurants that are described as being
"fusion" "vegetarian" "poetic" and "pan-Asian".
Coffee out the wazoo.
Middle-eastern-themed gift shops
Local bands playing in alleys.
smaller local bands blocking the sidewalk and playing "folk music"

Highlights include:
Jeni's (an expensive but delicious ice cream shop)
Phillip's Coney Island (a nice, simple diner. Would be awesome if it weren't the token diner).
A Hookah bar.
The Full Monty (guys dance in the windows).
Posh Pets.

Types of people that go to the short north:
People from Bexley
People from Clintonville
OSU Professional or Grad students
Middle Schoolers
Middle-aged people
People from the local news
People from radio stations
Anyone and everyone who wants free samples.

People who would never go there save to get free stuff:
sane people
conservative people (who probably went once and still talk about the lesbian couple they saw making out in front of the record store.)

Words that can be associated with the Short North:
Art, Poetic, European, Asian, Metropolitan, Urban, Cool, Cutting-edge, posh, Lively, scene, night, Young, antique, vintage, unique, salon, wine, fine, gourmet, chic, organic, bottled water, gay, fashion
There is a Segway dealer in the Short North. Need I say more?
by shamille July 27, 2008
How your parents threaten you when you are small and vulnerable: stop crying or i'll spank you.

It is used only when the child is already crying, having a tantrum, in need of comfort like a hug or a large bandage. Usually the child is crying because the parent has yelled at him or her.

The parent becomes desperate, irritated, and embarrassed (if in public).

Apparently, the parent thinks that threatening a child with physical harm is the most efficient way of stopping it from crying.

It's further proof that parents are sadistic and retarded. Goes in the same category as "if you don't _____, you better" i.e., the category of Threatening Statements That Make No Sense.
Tommy: Waaa waaa it hurts, mommy, don't!
Brenda: If you don't stop crying I'll give you something to cry about!
Tommy: Waa--wait, what? *never forgets traumatic childhood*
by shamille September 21, 2008
A swig is a sip or swallow of a drink. Dig, in this case, is the drink (usually Gatorade). You ask for a "swig of that dig" when you want to have a bit of your friend's drink. An alarmingly common request among teenagers (at my school).
Bob: Yo, lemme get a swig of that dig!
Tom: No way man. Not with that on your mouth.
Bob: Come on I'll do a waterfall.
Tom: No.
Bob: ...
Tom: ...
Bob: That's cold, dude.
by Shamille March 26, 2007
A website that seems safe enough, but after about 30 seconds has an image pop up that is scary, amusing, or just plain retarded. Also called a screamer (1 and 4) these websites usually have low volume in the beginning or a message for you to turn your speakers up. This is because when the surprise comes it's usually accompanied by a loud noise, like a scream. Usually the page is initially a game or an optical illusion, something the viewer has to focus on for a while.

These websites are for scaring the shit out of and pissing off your friends. The classic one is "Ghost in a picture", where you're supposed to spot a ghost moving in a picture and an "Exorcist" type of face comes up and screams really loudly. There's another, tamer one, where it's supposed to be an optical illusion and then a cartoon man moons you.
Dude, if this game is a sabotage, I'll kick your ass.
by shamille March 27, 2008

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